YCC Study Tour in Thanchi, Bandarban

Compass facilitated a study tour for the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) team from October 15-19, 2022 at the Sangu river basin of the Remakri union of Thanchi in Bandarban, as part of their practical training on environmental stewardship and community engagement.

During this study tour, the trainees learned about the environment, and natural resources conservation and participated in community service activities in the local community. Additionally, they conducted classes on environment and forest conservation for children in Aunglapara private school, renovated the school infrastructure, made a garden by planting hundreds of flowers and fruit trees, and held various programs throughout the day including painting, sports, and cultural programs. Together with the local indigenous Khumi community, they distributed books, various sports equipment, and food among the school students.

YCC is a specialized training program of USAID’s Compass project to enhance the capacity and skills of underprivileged Bangladeshi youths. With such diverse training activities and study tours, the YCC trainees develop responsibility toward their environment and community.