Promote global exchange of natural resource knowledge and skills

Promote scholarly and cultural exchange for strengthening the effectiveness of natural resource management through in-person and virtual information exchange, capacity development, and collaboration/networking.

Key activities

•    Visiting fellow program on climate and forestry disciplines 
•    Visiting student program 
•    Exchange visits for climate and forestry activities 
•    Master degree programs on climate and forestry disciplines   
•    Climate and forestry Learning Forum (webinar series) 
•    Virtual participation in the USFS online platforms, forums, and networks 
•    Seminar and international forestry fellow program 

Expected outcomes
•    Enhanced teaching capacity of university faculty members
•    Developed skills and knowledge on improved natural resource management
•    Long term collaboration between Bangladesh and US-based institutions
•    Strengthened cutting edge research skills
•    Exchange of best natural resource management practices in changing climatic conditions
•    Formed a squad of highly skilled forestry professionals in Bangladesh

Target groups
The target groups/institutions of the global exchange program are:
•    Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change (MOEFCC)
•    Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD)
•    Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI)
•    Academic institutions (students and faculties)
•    Development professionals
•    Partner NGOs
•    Professionals forestry networks