News Youth Conservation Corps Training

Compass has organized its Youth Conservation Corps Training from August 19, 2021, for 40 participants (women 17, men 23) from Bandarban and Cox’s Bazar in its 1st cohort. Initially, considering restrictions of COVID 19 pandemic the training has started virtually, and later, from September 1, 2021, the training has been started in person following COVID 19 health protocols in the training venue of Cox’s Bazar. The participants will attend a five-month residential training on both theoretical and practical sessions on youth leadership, living in a healthy environment, gender equality, different trades, entrepreneurship, and natural resource management issues. As a part of experimental learning, YCC participants also attending in several field visits in protected forest areas and others. Like, in September 2021 the participants visited in Shilkhali protected area at Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar to learn about natural resource management issues. From these visits, they learned about the Village Conservation Forum (VCF), Community Patrolling Groups (CPG), functional aspects of the Co-Management Committee (CMC) along with others.