Increase technical cooperation on forest and ecosystem management

Technical Cooperation on Forest and Ecosystem Management ActivityObjective: 
Partnering with Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD), this component focuses on strengthening technical capacity of officials at various level to perform their duties in relation to monitoring and assessment. 

The capacity building support of this component is categorized into three broad areas as follows:

Imparting skills of BFD officials to generate spatial data & mapping
This broad training activity focuses on imparting basic and advanced level skills in GPS and Mapping. The officials learn how to operate a handheld GPS receiver unit, collect coordinates of point of interest, and produce a map using the data for representation. Such skills help the department in mapping of their management interventions, develop digital database, readily produce reports and improves transparency and accountability. 

Strengthening technical cooperation on integrating information and geospatial technologies for decision making
This broad activity mainly focuses on identifying skill needs and designing skill development programs for improving skills of BFD officials working at the national level i.e., Resource Information Management System (RIMS) and other relevant unit officials in voluminous data management, processing, and analysis. From basic statistical knowledge to data analysis using excel or R language is taught such that the officials can process national scale forest inventory data to produce analytical reports. 

Strengthening Technical cooperation for supporting participation in Reducing Emission from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+)
The third category of activity mainly focuses on supporting the improvement of the existing system of monitoring and reporting in relation to REDD+. Range of technical support includes national tree cover assessment, landcover mapping using GEE platform, Synthetic Aperture Rader application for biomass mapping, national forest inventory design, training on QA/QC of national forest inventory and forest ecosystem valuation activities.