Compass completed the web-based Bangladesh Forest ESV database

Compass successfully completed the Ecosystem Service Valuation (ESV) database development in April 2022, which has been primarily used to detect gaps in areas of Bangladesh forest ecosystem service valuation and decide on setting up the next course of action, i.e., selection of piloting areas and ecosystem services to emphasize.

With support from SiS Inflexionpoint BD- a software development company, Compass has developed and hosted this ESV database on the cloud system. The database consists of information on Bangladesh’s forest ecosystem services, quantities, and monetary values gathered from peer-reviewed journal articles, government publications, and various published project reports. Currently, there is 62 detailed valuation information from about 30 pieces of literature. The data can be downloaded in excel and programming language (Json) format. 

Through a handing over ceremony, Compass handed over the database by electronically migrating it from the partner software company to the Bangladesh Forest Department (BFD)’s server on April 19, 2022. The BFD is supposed to make it available on their Bangladesh Forest Information System (BFIS) portal as a separate module.